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No Latin Required

June 2015


Wonder and Woe

December 2014


Expedition to New Spain

May 2014


O How Glorious

December 2013


Street Songs to Sacred Sounds

June 2013


The Golden Sequence

June 2012


Saint Nicholas Saves the Day

December 2011


Tongues of Flame

May 2011


Man of Sorrows

April 2011


Music of Hope

May 2010


From Darkness a Light

  April 2009


O Wondrous Mystery

December 2008


Cathedrals of Sound

June 2008


Noel Noel

December 2007


Voices from the Low Countries

June 2007


In Paradisum

June 2006


The Isaac Project: Angels and Archangels

June 2005


The Isaac Project: A Renaissance Christmas

December 2004


Renaissance Echoes

June 2004


Ave Maria

December 2003


Hymn to the Sun

June 2003


Behold Your Son

April 2003


Bridges across the Millennium

March 2003


O Heavenly Virgin

June 2002


Lessons of Darkness

March 2002


Hail Elizabeth

February 2002


A Child is Born

December 2000


Total Eclipse

April 2000


Italia Mia

January 2000


My Heart is Burning

May 1999


The Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal

January 1999


The Rose without a Thorn

June 1998


Ockeghem Discovered

March 1998


O Light of Light

May 1997


So Gentle the Lamb

March 1997


O Great Mystery

December 1996


A Silence in Heaven

June 1996


As Beautiful as a Dove

February 1996