Our CDs are available to download through CDBaby and other online retailers, such as iTunes and Spotify.   A limited supply of physical CDs are available through CDBaby.   Our CDs, including booklets with complete texts and translations, are always available at any one of our many performances throughout the year. Check out our next concert here.


The Spirit Delights, Musica Spei's third release, explores diverse ideas, emotions, and styles of a broad range of Renaissance composers, ranging from the well-known works of Palestrina and Byrd to the unusual vernacular sounds of the Latin American composer Don Hernando Franco.

Reflecting the range of early music performed by Musica Spei during our first 15 years, the selections on Cathedrals of Sound represent diverse centuries as well as far-flung geographic origins; each piece a masterwork from the past, each one a medieval or renaissance cathedral of sound.

 From the British Isles to the Black Sea contains a stunning range of rarely heard choral music from around the world by some of the greatest composers of the 15th and 16th centuries. Selected for their stylistic variety, intrinsic beauty and emotional depth, the works on this recording represent samplings of the group’s repertoire of more than one hundred chants, motets and masses by medieval and Renaissance composers from around the world.