For two decades, the vocal ensemble Musica Spei (Music of Hope) has worked collaboratively, without a conductor, to bring choral masterworks of the medieval and renaissance periods to audiences in western New York. The ensemble’s emphasis and particular specialty is the sacred music of the middle ages and renaissance, with forays into related territory. Whether it’s a sacred mass, Gregorian chant, a motet featuring a single verse of ancient scripture, a lovelorn French chanson, or a medieval mystery play, Musica Spei has sought to restore life to timeless music that continues to resonate with modern listeners.


Each year, in fall, spring, and during Lent, Musica Spei offers concerts in Rochester and neighboring cities in western New York. Musica Spei serves the Rochester-area musical community by coordinating the annual Rochester Early Music Festival each fall, and each summer by offering a series of informal “Summer Sings” at St. Anne Church.

We are a small organization that relies on the generosity of our audience members and friends. Please support us by making a donation.

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The current members of Musica Spei are Josh Bassette, Jeanne Beddoe, Juli Elliot, Mary Cowden, Joe Finetti, Christopher Gold, Jeff Harp, Heather Holmquest, Eric Lobenstine, David McCarthy, Andrea McGaugh, Howard Spindler, Jeffrey Tabor, and Stephanie Westen.


Musica Spei is grateful to Saint Anne Church for providing a home for the group since its inception. This is an acoustically magnificent space.



Every summer since 1995, Musica Spei has sponsored Renaissance Summer Sings at Saint Anne Church for members of the community who enjoy singing this repertoire.

In addition to singing together, the members of Musica Spei love to eat together. Click here for some of our favorite recipes!

Musica Spei thanks Dr. C. Michael Haben and the Center for the Care of the Professional Voice for his ongoing support of the Rochester Early Music Festival and Musica Spei.